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Tim Duggan: Music

Keep Me in Your Mind

(Tim Duggan)
June 11, 2014

I wrote this song way back in my 20s, probably 30 years ago, but it had lyrics that are more or less unprintable.  But I always liked the chorus and the tune, so I revisited it a few years ago and updated the verses, keeping the flavor of sexual innuendo while making it palatable to a general audience. 

Keep me in your mind even though your heart is full

If you leave someone behind let me know which strings to pull

'Cause I'd love to get inside be there everywhere you go

Take a long romantic ride plant a seed and watch it grow


Once upon a time in my imagination

We were lovers you and I it was more than a sensation

I could touch it nearly taste it I believed it to be true

But lately I see others have a better hold on you




On the day that we first met you offered me a seat

At the table of your fancy but I was scared to eat

Thinking better of my appetite I came back to the table

But every chair was filled won't you seat me if you're able




Now I hear that you've grown tired of seeking every thrill

I just don't understand you and perhaps I never will

I just love you I just need you I just have to be your man

And the biggest thrill of all will come the day you take my hand


Chorus x2